Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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(0:17)- Writing a Sefer Torah for a reform congregation

(2:57)- Origin of not wearing a tallis before marriage

(5:23)- Why we don’t have a minhag/mitzvah to keep track of our geneology/ancestry back to har sinai

(10:56)- Why did Noach send a dove to find dry land if he was waiting for Hashem’s command to leave the ark?

(14:01) – Jewish response to christians who say that the Jews haven’t experienced Yoshka or are missing something from the Torah

(18:10) – Kuzari and Divine Revelation

(20:42)- Avos doing mitzvos

(28:15)- Growing a beard, trimming a beard, shaving a beard

(34:07)- The multiverse theory/ parallel universes 

(40:01)- Did every Tanna and Amora have the koach to revive the dead?

(42:05)- Sefer Yetzira, The Gollum

(45:14)- Can a Gollum count for a minyan

(48:05)- Images of G-d, visualizations of Hashem

(50:19)- A tammeh/impure kohen

(52:52)- Source of Tikkunim

(55:50)- Why is there a big deal made about Avraham having a baby at an old age if Noach gave birth at an old age too.

(55:50)- Why is there an emphasis made about Avraham having a baby at an old age if Noach gave birth at an old age too. The Mabul. The changing of tevah/nature

(59:34)- The reason sefardim and ashkenazim have different davening, and why chasidim have different davening

(01:04:45)-  Who can a safek mamzer marry, why can a geirus marry a safek mamzer

(01:06:21)-  The kedusha of a mantle that is used to wrap a sefer Torah

(01:08:25)-  Seudas mitzvah

(01:11:16)- Halachos of policing in a goyishe government, violating shabbos, carrying a gun

(01:14:52)-  Deriving pleasure from the physical world, gashmius, the Jewish approach to appreciating the beauty of the world, making time for enjoying the world

(01:21:35) –  When to be machmir and when to be makpid, chumra, heter

 (Center-Q&A-5780-Parshas Lech Lecha)

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