Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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0:00 – Lending a car to someone, and they get a fine

2:04 – Question on Parshas Bo

4:24 – The Jewish view of beauty, Pirkei Avos on beauty

8:21 – Why are there other religions/idolatry?

13:38 – How do we decide when to follow minhagei HaGra?

18:43 – The Cherem of the Morei Nevuchim

24:29 – Midrash on the splitting of the sea

28:21 – Can you postpone a bris if it might cause guests to be mechalel Shabbos?

30:30 – To what extent do we take Agaddeta literally or not at all?

39:39 – Question on Parshas Bo

41:10 – Teaching Torah to a non-Jew

48:39 – Why do some parts of the Gemara make it seem like the Amoraim had poor middos?

54:37 – The two different quail stories

56:54 – Do the restrictions on a king for wealth apply to people?

01:02:30 – Did the sea split after Nachshon or after Moshe spread out his hands?

01:04:34 – The concept of a Ben Pakuah

01:07:40 – Does the water for Pesach Matzos have to be left overnight?

01:09:39 – Where does Islam and its ideas come from? What will happen to the Ishmaelites in the era of Moshiach?

01:12:17 – How could there be a place called Dan in Avraham’s time when there was not yet a shevet or person called Dan?

(Produced by: CedarStudios Podcasting 2020)

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