Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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0:00 – Why in the second paragraph of Shema do we not say “bechol meodecha”

3:25 – A Question on Maseches Brachos

8:27 – Why were Chassidim allowed to create a new nusach?

12:52 – If Hashem knows everything that will happen how do we have free choice?

20:28 – Could I borrow something without permission if I know my friend would let me?

24:17 – How did Ashkenazim become the majority over Sefardim?

27:47 – Why do people wait 6 hours between meat and milk?

33:41 – Rambam on Hashem’s knowledge and essence

34:49 – Liability for car accidents

39:31 – Is smoking permitted if you have to perserve your life, and can you smoke on Yom Tov?

47:33 – A question about the mishkan

48:57 – The Dairy industry, tzar baalei chayim, dairy kashrus

56:15 – Are we supposed to literally be “marbim besimcha” during Adar?

59:04 – When Rabbi Akiva said “zeh klal baTorah” does klal mean THE klal or A klal? Definition of klal.

01:01:54 – Why don’t we learn kaballah?

01:09:40 – A question on Chassidus, Kaballah, the sources of Sifrei Chassidus

01:17:20 – A question on the story of Acher

01:21:50 – Why do we not do kiddush at the third Shabbos meal

01:25:53 – What should a person work on to be ready for marriage?

01:28:50 – Drinking alcohol on Purim

01:32:27 – What areas of Torah are most appropriate to learn in preparation for marriage?

01:33:47 – Olives and memory? The Gemara in Horiyos

01:35:40 – Can we say tachanun during kriyas haTorah?


(Produced by: CedarStudios Podcasting 2020)

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