Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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00:01 – Corporations in Halacha

10:47 – Ribbis with credit cards, Heter Iska

14:53 – Sheluach Haken

18:40 – A Kasha On The Gemara In Kedushin

21:12 – How Do We View The Role of Women

28:28 – The Halachic Issues of Crossbreeding Humans and Animals

31:56 – Megillas Channukah/ Megillas Antiochus

34:42 – Halacha on Cryogenic Freezing

39:44 – Jewish State With Absence of Sanhedrin

49:20 Is There A Source For The 10 Sefiros

52:16 The War With Rome and The Time of The Famine, Chronology of Events

01:02:13 Rav Kook on the secular government

01:02:54 Tumah of Dead Animals

01:05:14 Halacha on War, Laws of Rodef, Terrorism

01:10:00 Restitution for Stealing Bzman Hazeh

1:12:25 Avodas for Channukah, Kavanahs for Channukah

(Center-Q&A-5780-Parshas Vayeishev)

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