Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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  • Corona related:Should one reduce the spend on shabbos and yontiv based upon presumed upcoming diminished income? 
  • Could someone who has corona and defies quarantine be considered a halachic rodef?
  • Any consideration of internet usage for remote minyan (is there any such thing halachically conceivable?)
  • How can we relate, if possible, the current situation of the world, to the Torah concept of when Yaakov is down, Esau is up and vice versa, when it seems like both are down?
  • Do others besides the balhabais, who aren’t getting a kzayis from matzos the brachos were made on, need to eat 2 kzeisim?
  • How does one ask a Rav if they are willing to guide them in Hashkafa long term?
  • Do we have the koach of ketores today, either through tefillah, reading parsha of ketores, or something else, to help stop the magefa?
  • How should a guy approach Shidduchim during COVID19? How should we pace ourselves?
  • Can you recommend any seforim to learn just what the average baal habas needs to know for Pesach?
  • With Hakaras hatov to HK”BH for having survived the C-Virus with only relatively mild symtoms, now I would like to give…  Volunteer or money?
  • What’s the best action someone can take right now to bring Mashiach?
  • Given that Eisav did teshuva, is it possible that he was made out to be more of a rasha then he really was?  
  • Do converts in the process of conversion receive any reward for observing mitzvahs before completion?
  • What is daas torah and how do you know if someone has it?
  • When Moshiach comes, will all minhagim be unified? Will there still be an idea of a chumra?
  • Does it make sense to learn tanach exclusively before starting gemara?
  • How does a chozer b’teshuvah, who didn’t grow up with certain minhagim, make a decision to take them on or not?
  • Nusach Sefard has a perek to say inlue of Borch Hu when davening alone, is there such a thing to say during the week also by maariv?
  • Can there be a virtual siyum for taanis bechoros?

TZAV 5780

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