Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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  • Can we have a zoom Seder with family? 
  • The Chayei Adam in siman 5 brings a story of a very righteous man who is ultimately judged to gehinnom because of the many times he said shem Hashem without kavana. For many of us having kavana for every shem Hashem is very difficult.
  • Why did chazal include so many shemos in davening, if it would be such a michshol for so many?
  • On Seder we do Kadesh then Urchatz. This goes against “Sur Meh Ra Ase Tov”. Can we apply this all year or only Pesach?!
  • Is it better to just not say shem Hashem except when absolutely necessary?
  • If I can’t see or smell tzoa can I say Shem hashem near it?
  • Can I sell my chometz over the phone?
  • What should one do this year regarding toveling new keilim, considering the lack of accessibility of  mikvaos?
  • Why can’t I wear tefillin at night if the Torah says to?
  • Are the new governmental laws against minyanim halachicly binding? Any difference in israel vs chutz laaretz?
  • When Moshiach comes will we have no more struggles?
  • Was the yehudah HaChosid really a forgery like Rav Moshe said – Yehudah Hachosid states Dovid took parts out of Torah…?
  • Do ladies have to shower after the mikvah in these times ? 
  • Is there any way to avoid the taanis bechorim this year?
  • Since we can’t gather for a siyum for the fast of the first born, what is ok and not ok to make a siyum on?  
  • Can one fill up heated water in a crockpot before Shabbat, leave it on a low setting and warm cooked food during Shabbat?
  • Are there any halachic leniencies  for people who’ve never made pesach before because of the pandemic?
  • Are employers responsible to continue paying workers during the government shutdown?
  • If I am on a ship during shabbos and am not allowed to light a shabbos candles how can I make up for this ?
  • If a Jew borrowed a new pot from a goy to circumvent toiviling, and the goy converts, are the pots then non kosher?
  • Why do some women want to wear tefillin and are they allowed to?
  • Right now, some countries are cremating the dead because of COVID-19. What is the Jewish position on this?
  • How does one define someone being his “rebbi”, even not a rebbi muvhak, regarding doing “heseba” in front of them?
  • Is shnayim mikra a stronger chiyuv now that we cant listen to leining in shul?
  • Can one use a timer that is preset for their warming plate or crockpot to heat up cooked food to make it hot on Shabbat?
  • What does a person do if they have to sit Shiva not being able to have a minyan during corona virus?
  • If a non-jew is in the conversion process when mashiach comes. Will they be able to finish their conversion?
  • Can the rav do regular q and a streams?  this has been very very enlightening
  • Is there any halachic difference between limud hatorah on digital mediums versus in person? why is it different than tfilla?
  • Why is conversion under the GPS/RCA in the US? Why can’t one convert with any orthodox rabbi  in the US/Israel?
  • Should we be concerned that this physical distancing may be similar to that of the Nazi Ghettos?
  • Nus’ Sfard has a pusek for Friday night if davening as a yachid for instead of Borech Hu. Can we say it during the week?
  • Should we be mourning now over not being in shul or should we be happy we’re in our homes uplifting it?
  • What if you accidentally ate something not kosher?
  • Can a nesspresso machine be kashered for pesach?


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