Rabbi Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

  • Hasheves aveida (returning lost object) to a non-Jew
  • Mi chamocha b’elim hashem; Hashem yimloch leoloam vaed-meaning of such verses
  • Piyutim of Rosh Hashana-what one can focus on if he can’t follow
  • Sotah referred to in Berachos 31b
  • 3 stages of Tachanun; no sefer Torah tachanun
  • Internet and non-kosher phones
  • Blowing shofar at musaf and its relevance over shachris
  • Kol isha-its spectrum and opinions
  • Milchemes reshus similar to pillage and plunder campaign
  • Women covering hair 50 years ago and its laxness; women covering hair in general
  • 2 days yontif in Eretz Yisrael
  • Onas devarim and geneivas daas applying to jokes
  • Giving reproof to those who don’t listen (shortened)
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