Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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0:00 – Making a shidduch for non-religious friends, making a shidduch for Goyim

3:48 – Cherem of the Baal Hatanya and early Chassidus, Rebbi Nachman

14:08 – Question on Hilchos Kiddushin: Asking a woman to marry and handing her a ring

18:31 – Is there a yezter hara for homosexuality?

25:11 – Relationship between Man and Wife, the effect of a woman on her husband

29:58 – How could it be that Rabbi Yosef Caro learned with a Malach?

36:06 How does Lo BaShamayim He make sense

43:48 – What’s special about Shabbos if you spend the whole day learning

46:36 – Tainted money and korbanos

50:25 – Jew reading the christian bible or apikorsus

59:56 – Is the copper snake a graven image?

01:02:16 – Is there a commentary on the relationship between Acher and R’ Meir

01:03:30 – Learning on Shabbos or sleeping on Shabbos

01:04:50 – A Question on Sotah

01:06:37 – How can an eclipse be a bad omen if the eclipses run on a cycle

01:13:13 – The Kuzari on the copper snake

01:13:37 – The Ramban on plowing with an oxe and a donkey together

01:14:25 – A question on Maseches Brachos and dreams


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