Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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00:31 – What are the Galgalim?

9:52 – How will we do mitzvos when Moshiach comes? How will Halacha change?

14:06 – Why does the Torah call Yitro before he converted?

15:57 – Why do people take three steps back in the middle of kadish before the amida of mincha and maariv?

19:40 – How do we reconcile that Chazal have made observations of the world which seem to be wrong according to modern science?

32:33 – Did Yitro come before or after Matan Torah?

35:00 – The Mesorah, the destroyed parts of Torah

41:30 – Who redacted the Gemara?

48:52 – Why did Reish Lakish become weakened right when he agreed to learn Torah?

52:20 – A question on the Parsha

54:45 – Why the issur of chicken and dairy but no issur on pareve ice cream and meat?

01:00:06 – Why do we do the order of aliyos as Kohen Levi Yisroel?

01:02:02 – Question on the Parsha

01:07:14 – What will be of the yetzer hara when Moshiach comes? Will we wear kippahs? What Nusach will we daven?

01:09:45 – The differences in nusachs of the Torah

01:13:33 – What is the purpose of Moshiach if we won’t have a yetzer hara?

01:19:23 – How do we live in Emes? Nefesh Hachaim on how Man was created

01:22:30 – Is it possible for someone to get reward for someone else’s deed? Learning for the zchus of a niftar, etc.

01:29:15 – Praying to Hashem for Yiras Shomayim

01:32:27 – Why not just learn Shas once?

01:36:44 – Putting time into Chumash vs Gemara

01:38:26 – Boycotting Germany?

Yisro 5780

(Produced by: CedarStudios Podcasting 2020)

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