Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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0:00 Rabbi Eliezer ben Horkinus

4:13 How do we know which hand to put tefillin on

5:22 Chassidim on Zos Chanukah

8:44 Growing when Moshiach comes, being without a yetzer hara

11:37 A question on the parsha

15:07 What’s a Halacha LeMoshe MiSinai

19:15 Shomer Negiah when working with people with Autism

23:50 Kasha on Halacha LeMoshe MiSinai

25:02 Referring to our parents by the first name, kasha on Yaakov referring to his parents by name

28:17 Why Yaakov has multiple names

31:51 Who wrote the Torah

40:20 Significance of Aleinu

43:45 Hierarchy of Brachos

46:40 How are the Parshas divided

51:51 Changing Aliyahs (Kohen/Levi)

52:41 Middos of parents of a shidduch

53:42 Talmud Yerushalmi on the east and the west

57:39 Ancient Hebrew alphabet

59:05 Question on Yirmiyahu becoming a Navi

01:02:39 Yeridas Hadoros, Moshe Rabeinu compared to Moshiach

01:04:38 Saving a non-Jew on Shabbos

01:09:44 Why was there no warning on some of the plagues?

01:14:55 Masoretic Text

01:20:52 Dead Sea Scrolls

01:23:29 Sabbatical Cycle of Creation

01:30:14 What was the purpose of the Egyptians building pyramids

01:31:54 Would a computerized brain be mutar

01:45:10 Moshe Rabeinu almost killed

(Produced: CedarStudios Podcasting 2020)

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