Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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  • SheIdim and mazikim (demons and damaging creatures); mention dibuk (troubled soul in limbo)
  • Parshas Vayera – Avraham asked Hashem that people should get old with visible signs of age, but Sarah became old with clear, fresh skin
  • Gezel sheina; opening and closing window in winter or summer
  • Saying tachanun during hazaras hashatz
  • Celebrating Hebrew and Gregorian birthdays
  • Heter kiruv” (mention of inviting secular for shabbos)
  • Birth control for financial strain
  • Piru u’rvu (be fruitful and multiply)-why was it given to Adam and Noach and not bnei Noach (non-Jews)
  • Yishuv Eretz Yisrael
  • Bircas kohanim (blessing the kohanim) being discontinued/not practiced in chutz laaretz but only in E”Y and by Sephardim
  • Kohanei chazaka: believing a kohen/cohen that he is a cohen and halachos nowadays that apply to him (e.g. Torah reading, marriage, duchan)
  • Frequency of going to the Kotel/Kosel-Western Wall
  • Eliyahu haNavi answering teku and what happens when mashiach comes regarding machloksim, kashiyos, minhagim etc.


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