Rabbi Dr Yitzchak Breitowitz, of Ohr Somayach Jerusalem, discussing the most common questions about Judaism.

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0:01 – Elokai Neshama, what is the true person

2:59 – Doing an aveira chayav misa, Rambams 4 categories of sins, teshuva

6:30 – Why does Avraham daven for Sodom to be saved but not for Yitzchak to be saved from the akeida

9:13 – The admission of a party is as good as one hundred witnesses, hodaas Baal din

11:48 – Why there is no word for million in lashon kodesh, why zachor and nekeiva is different in numbers, masculine and feminine

 16:36 – How Jews should be a light onto the nations, why non-Jews aren’t obligated to have children

20:43 – saying kiddish in front of married relatives with uncovered hair, saying a bracha in front of an untznius woman

25:51 – Is it lifnei iver to sell cigarettes

28:08 – Inviting non-observant Jews for Shabbos

33:54 – How did Eliezer know Rivka was the right match for Yitzchak

36:52 – How does Hashem get pleasure from Korbanos, reyach nichoach

38:47 – Is learning kabalah part of the requirement to learn Torah, Vilna Gaon on Kabbalah, chassidus

42:57 – What is the Torah

44:12 – Is Klal Yisroel responsible for the tragedies caused by Karl Marx’s

49:11 – Kol Isha and recorded music

51:45 – The curse to Adam of “the sweat of your brow”

54:29 – The shalshelet, why Eliezer hesitated, Eliezers name not being mentioned, Eliezer’s name not being mentioned

01:00:15 – What am I allowed to do if someone owes me money and won’t pay

01:03:35 – Why is there so much repetition in the parsha, the Ran on the mida of kindness

01:12:44 – printing money, inflation, assuming the risks of a system

01:15:11 – why did Hashem allow so many types of Jews, Ahavas Yisroel

01:16:59 – The color for tzitzis

01:20:40 – Yeshiva bochur giving tzedaka

01:21:56 – Do not kill, do not murder, the conquest of Eretz Yisroel

01:26:27 – Davening in a public place without a mechitza

01:28:58 – On the Parsha

01:31:30 – Why is the amida silent

(Center-Q&A-5780-Parshas Chayei Sarah)

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